Syringe Pump

Infusion pump, filling pump with excellent price-performance ratio. This syringe pump using new VIT-FIT fixing system allows almost any syringe to be used from micro syringes to large volume syringes without the need of an adapter. The syringe is being held in both directions – infusion and filling – and it is handled very easily. There is a new technology Swiss made motor implemented in the pump to ensure high torque and more then ten times longer lifetime. Also new Swiss made linear bead bearings have been introduced for transformation of the rotation into a linear movement required for pushing the syringe plunger. The casing and main body are made of metal with partial PTFE protection.

For further information about this product go to VIT-FIT product webpage.

Product details


  • Up to 99 steps of a speed and time
  • Easy calculation of delivered volumes and flow rates
  • New VIT-FIT fixing system for almost any syringe size
  • Available with several remote control commands and PC communicators
  • Highly effective control of the pump activity

Product usage

  • Microprocessor programmable pumping of the syringes
  • Infusion
  • Filling


  • RS 485 – interface for PC control

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