Sun-like way of heating

Infra-red heat rays provide soft heating and optimal temperature maintenance

A big "NO" to heating blankets, jacketed vessels and thermal circulating baths!

Revolutionary radiation heating for precise temperature maintenance in fermentor-bioreactor

Very expensive and voluminous

Overheating of the medium

Prevents natural cooling and a complementary cooling is required

Restricted view into the vessel

More heat is dissipated outside the vessel (to your lab) than transmitted into the medium

Heat transmission occurs mainly by slow and inefficient thermal conduction

How infra-red radiation heating is efficient?

Precise temperature control at low cost

No hot spots at any medium volume

Natural upwards convection even without any agitation

Perfect visibility into the vessel

Imitating soft sun-like way of heating

Heats up and cools down quickly

Convenient & Safe - No cables, tubings, connectors, circulating water supplies

Revolutionary radiation heating for precise temperature maintenance in fermentor-bioreactor (pdf for download)

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