Maximal accessibility and visibility Two PC fermentation software packages at the cost of one

Autonomous precise gas flow control modules

  • The LAMBDA MASSFLOW is a new mass flow controller system specially developed for the precise flow measurement and control of gases. It uses a high quality laminar mass flow sensor that has a very low pressure drop. The gas flow (e.g. air, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ...) is continuously measured and controlled.
  • The flow rate is regulated by a special proprietary proportional needle valve controlled by a microprocessor. The flow rate can be programmed and the transferred gas volume totalized with the optional FLOW INTEGRATOR.
  • With LAMBDA MASSFLOW the user can set up high quality gas control facilities containing one or more different gas streams according to his specific needs and is not forced to use common expensive four-gas-stations.

Precise and autonomous mass flow gas flow control units

Each LAMBDA MASSFLOW gas flow meter and controller is equipped with a very precise sensor for gas flow measurement based on mass measurement. This sensor measures the heat transported by the stream of gas and expresses the heat capacity of the respective gas. This heat capacity is a function of the number of molecules which passed through the sensor and is therefore independent on many factors such as temperature, pressure and others.

The resulting signal is transformed into an output voltage, which can be recorded. Since the pressure varies during a fermentation or cell culture run, it is important to have pressure independent flow rate measurement.

Additionally, the flow rate signal can be recorded and reproduced and the amount of the added gas can be totalized.

The flow rate range is from 0 to 5 l/min in 100 ml/min steps (MASSFLOW 5000) or from 0 to 500 ml/min in 1 ml/min steps (MASSFLOW 500). Additionally, the LAMBDA MASSFLOW can be programmed (up to 50 pairs of flow rates and times)

High quality and inexpensive gas station can be constructed using the individual MASSFLOW gas flow controllers (MINI-4-GAS automatic gas mix module for cell culture) according to the culture requirements.

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Maximal accessibility and visibility Two PC fermentation software packages at the cost of one

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