Medium cooling without cooling water Maximal accessibility and visibility

Self-cleaning micro-sparger

  • Common air spargers are frequently clogged especially in mineralized media. Due to the air flow the medium progressively dries out on the edge of the sparger orifices (openings) and eventually blocks them completely. This stops the air inflow and the run has to be aborted.
  • LAMBDA introduces a self-cleaning micro-sparger, which due to its elasticity does release any deposits formed on the sparger holes and thus guarantees gas inflow at all times.

More about self-cleaning aeration

Many fermentation processes had to be terminated because the air sparger loop was blocked by salt deposits! This problem has now been solved with the self-cleaning microsparger.

When an air bubble forms and is released into the medium, a tiny portion of solution flows forth and back in the sparger orifice. This solution is partially dried up by the next bubble. When this happens many times then, especially in strongly mineralized media, a precipitate forms. This precipitate eventually completely closes the sparger openings. The deposit is sometimes so compact that it can be hardly removed. Some producers deliver special sparger end pieces to get rid of difficult cleaning procedures. A similar behavior is also observed with micro-spargers.

LAMBDA's innovative self-cleaning microsparger eliminates this problem. The sparger is made of special silicone with miniature openings. The elasticity of the material closes the openings when no air passes through. Under the air pressure, these pores open and let the air bubbles form. The medium deposits also form here. This is an inevitable physical process. However, when the deposit accumulates and starts obstructing the air flow the resulting higher air pressure forces the elastic pores to open and thereby the deposit is released into medium. The air passage is free again.

The LAMBDA microsparger can never be blocked even during very long continuous runs!

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Medium cooling without cooling water Maximal accessibility and visibility

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