Connected to the LAMBDA Peristaltic Pump and other LAMBDA instruments, the integrator will allow you to record how much liquid has been pumped as a function of time. It informs how much of the solution (acid or base for example) has been added to maintain a constant pH. This additional data will inform you about the kinetics of the process, its completion or even disturbances that have occured during the process. Obtaining of this information was not available until now.

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Product details


  • Easy connestion to most common recorders
  • Controls very important information during reactions
  • Small dimensions
  • Very useful equipment for a reasonable price

Product usage

  • control of pH during chemical reactions where the pH is controlled by the addition of acid or base (eg. hydrolysis of esters, amides, anhydrides etc.)
  • control and quantification of the metabolical activity of cells during fermentations and cell-cultures (eg. by control of pH, rH, pO2, pCO2, conductivity or other parameters)
  • measurement of the enzyme activity of numerous enzymes (eg. esterases, acylases, lipases, proteases and others using a pH stat)
  • recording foam formation (automatic addition of antifoam agent)
  • recording the addition of reactants during exothermic reactions where the addition of
  • reactants are controlled by a thermostat
  • recording the consumption of reactants during titrations

Pump flow INTEGRATOR -- an economical alternative to Optical Density (OD) measurements

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