Peristaltic Pump

Result of twenty years of laboratory experience, which leads to the systematic elimination of the imperfections found in other peristaltic pumps on the market. Precise, reliable and most compact peristaltic pump in its class. Well-proved mechanics of this pump includes flow rate programming and allows user up to 99 steps of time, which allows the creation of any flow rate profile. The bearing of a larger diameter with glass beads has been used in order to reduce pulsation, friction and mechanical strain leading to better pump performance.

Outstanding features

  • 3 large rollers consisting of high-performance corrosion-resistant plastic ball bearings with glass beads
  • Asymmetrical pump head design increases the effective pump head diameter
  • Spring-loaded off-center levers move the rollers gradually and softly, thus increasing tubing life and reducing pulsations

For further information about this product go to peristaltic pump product webpage.

Peristaltic pump - details

Benefits of LAMBDA peristaltic pumps

  • Up to 99 steps of a time and programmable flow rate.
  • Flow rates from 0.1 to 60 000 ml/hr
  • Greatly extended tubing life and decreased pulsation
  • Extensive remote controls
  • Very economic in use while using tubing without stoppers

Application of peristaltic pumps

  • Formations of gradients (INTEGRATOR)
  • Pouring of gradient cells
  • Gradient elutions in chromatography
  • Centrifugation gradients
  • Liquid pumping with continously increasing velocity (INTEGRATOR)
  • Liquid chromatography, transfer of liquids (OMNICOLL]
  • Controlled addition of either base and acid for pH stabilisation (Ph METER)
  • Visualisation of reaction velocities
  • Measurements of enzymatic activities during fermentations (MINIFOR)

Accessories for peristaltic pumps

  • INTEGRATOR – allows a precise integration of the amout of liquid, which is transported by the pump.
  • RS 485 – interface for PC control

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