MINI-4-GAS - Automatic gas mixing


CO2, O2, N2, Air mixture

For stem cell & mammalian cell cultures

For anaerobic fermentation

For microbial systems & biofuel development

MINI-4-GAS station: Automatic gas-mixing module

What is it about?

The MINIFOR bioreactor and fermentor system is used for growing and testing bacteria, yeast, fungi, mammalian cells and stem cells.

MINI-4-GAS is a module for MINIFOR that allows a completely automatic gas-mix.

The MINI-4-GAS consists of MASSFLOWs and PC-Software.

MASSFLOWS will be measuring and regulating the gas-flow of the desired gasses.

It could be controlled remotely using LAMBDA SIAM PC control software extension.

The LAMBDA gas-mixing module allows a flexible mass flow controlled supply of different gases with individual gas flow paths.
The gassing system automatically mixes up to 4 gases for mammalian cell systems as well as microbial applications at bench scale.
The automatically controlled aeration system provides an advanced gas diffusion by sparging and / or headspace gassing.
The extension 
of LAMBDA SIAM PC control software allows a complete automatic gas-mix control for up to 4 MINIFOR parallel-reactors (4 x 4 gas flow controller)

Lambda MINIFOR bioreactor

MINIFOR bioreactor
(working volume 0.035 l – 6 l)

* Submerge (up to 5 l/min)

* Headspace (up to 20 l/min)

Out-of-the-box start with the 4-gas connection kit; RS-232/RS-485 interface.

Porous self-cleaning sparger; pH; pO2; (REDOX, pCO2); Temperature; Agitation; Peristaltic pumps.

Anaerobic / Aerobic fermentation; Mammalian cell culture, Long term culture; Batch, Fedbatch, Continuous, Chemostat and Perfusion

SIAM Fermentation control software

SIAM PC control software
& extension for 4-gas-mixing-module

* Handles up to 4 bioreactor units with their individual 4-gas controllers.

Process control PC-software; Pre-configured & Installed on Laptop or Notebook; Data storage & Plotting; Data acquisition, calculations  & gas transfer rates; trend graphs display; extended visualization; 

USB connection port; No software license issues for adding further units and lab instruments. 
(more than 4 MINIFOR units can be connected even if running without 4-gas control module)

Lambda Massflow gas flow controller

gas flow controller

* Free selection of gas types: Air, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen for high precison; (optional: Methane, Carbon monoxide, ...)

* Individual flow rates per gas:

0–5 l/min (MASSFLOW 5000),
0–500 ml/min (MASSFLOW 500)

Stand-alone & Programmable 
or Remote Controlled (by SIAM or MINIFOR); RS-232/RS-485 interface.

Extremely user friendly; Durable & Reliable; Electrical supply by MINIFOR (optional: stand-alone)


Which gases do your cells need?

Massflow gas puzzle

Example 4-GAS Mixing for mammalian cells:

pO2 control & O2 enrichment

Lambda MINI-4-GAS station -pO2 control and O2 enrichment

pH control by CO2

Lambda MINI-4-GAS station - pH control by CO2

Constant gas flow

Lambda MINI-4-GAS station - constant gas flow

Massflow gas flow controler - puzzle

Build now your own automatic gas-mixing module!

MINI-4-GAS is as easy to interlock as plastic bricks:

The bricks of MINI-4-GAS are LAMBDA MASSFLOWS. Each MASSFLOW will control one gas in your gas-mixture. You can choose two, three or four gases for your gas-mix.

The MASSFLOWS will dose and measure the gas flow rates accoring your set-points (flow rate / pH / pO2 / pCO2…)

The MINI-4-GAS software (a SIAM extension) is the brain of the gas-mix. The PC-software controls, visualizes and saves all gas-flow data.

The MINIFOR bioreactor dissolve the gases by micro-sparger, surface-aeration and excellent stirring with FISH-TAIL – a most efficient gas-uptake under minimized shearing forces.

The PC-Software

The SIAM extension

Real-time trend graphs
Vizualization of the entire process & data storage.
Mini-4-gas station - real-time trend graps
Individual PID controller for each gas

Easy set-point adjustment
Low & High flow rate limits for each gas
Mini-4-gas station - Individual PID controller for each gas
pO2 control with Air & Oxygen (O2-enrichment) 

pH control with Carbon dioxide

Optional: constant total gas flow (exclusive flow)
Mini-4-gas station - pH and pO2 control


  • Maintains optimal physiologic culture conditions
  • Optimized process efficiency
  • Retain reproducible production
  • Preclude limiting conditions
  • Cell line stability
  • Prevent inducing physical & chemical stress
  • Increase titer / product yield
  • Satisfy the cells requirement
  • Grow high-density cultures
  • Optimized substrate conversion

Compared to most bio-transformations with quick growing yeast or bacteria, mammalian cell cultures by their low specific growth rates have to be cultured for weeks or even months for satisfying the product yields.

MINIFOR bioreactor offers you the “Lambda Easy Sterility” concept and an excellent peristaltic pumps specially  constructed for the long-term cell cultures. The MINIFOR with the 4-gas-mixing-module maintains the optimal physiologic conditions for your mammalian cells and the stem cell cultures using the  modern control strategies.

Controlling the critical process parameters will help you to optimize the growth rates as well as to achieve the higher titres during protein processing and hormone production.


Item Description

Amount for 
one 4-gas-mix


Additional regulated gas flow 



Additional regulated gas flow 
LAMBDA MASSFLOW 0-500 ml/min)




(4) optional


RS-485 interface



Pump remote control (analog and digital) cable for LAMBDA MASSFLOW (8 poles)



Quadruple plug box (power and RS-connection for up to 4 LAMBDA laboratory instruments)



SIAM industrial automation software



Gas controller software module



PC connection kit with RS 485 to RS 232 converter



quality brand laptop with Windows 7 operating system



USB to RS-232 converter


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