Watch your cells grow!

Pump-Flow INTEGRATOR replaces Optical Density measurement for the assessment of cell growth and biomass production

Pump flow INTEGRATOR – an economical alternative to Optical Density (OD) measurements

During fermentation, cells produce acid or base which needs to be compensated.

The INTEGRATOR in the pump integrates the amount of added acid or base.

These data allow to assess cell growth or biotransformation with a precision similar to titration.

Advantages you get:

  • Unlike in OD measurements, the results are not affected with the presence of dead cells, cell debris, air bubbles, precipitation & coloration
  • Precise, easy-to-use & maintenance free solution at low cost
  • Integrated within the pumps to save your valuable bench-space

Where to use the INTEGRATOR?

Titrate your cell's METABOLIC ACTIVITY!

  • Control and quantification of the metabolic activity of cells during fermentation and cell cultures - Eg. By control of pH, rH, pO2, conductivity or other parameters
  • Measurement of the enzyme activity of numerous enzymes - Eg. Esterases, acylases, lipases, proteases and others using a pH stat
  •  Recording foam formation (automatic antifoam addition)
  • Recording the addition of reactants during exothermic reactions by a thermostat
  • Recording of the consumption of reactants during titration and much more applications

Watch your cells grow! (pdf for download)

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