Bioreactor - Overview and Benefits Medium cooling without cooling water

REDOX potential measurement system

LAMBDA REDOX allows the measurement of the Red-Ox potential and the digital transfer of the data to the PC through its RS-485 interface. The measured data can be visualized and recorded for example by the fermentation software SIAM.

The measurement of Red-Ox potential can be made with the laboratory fermenter-bioreactor LAMBDA MINIFOR, using a sterilizable combined pH/temperature probe with an additional Pt electrode fixed on its glass body. This probe is connected to the MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor in the same way as the standard pH probe.

It does not require any additional connector, cable or side neck. However, the MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor must have been equipped with the redox option in advance. The output RedOx signal is then provided on the “PUMP” socket at the rear side of the MINIFOR laboratory fermentor-bioreactor base unit.

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Bioreactor - Overview and Benefits Medium cooling without cooling water

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