The Minifor was developed as a result of the need to construct a small laboratory fermenter for volumes from 0.035 to 6 l. Easy to use and with the capacity to measure and control all the important parameters of the biological culture. Minimum space on the bench but with a good access to all parts. Several fermenters are suitable for the optimisation of the parameters of growth of culture or optimisation of biotransformations etc. Each fermenter should be able to work independently or be connected to a PC for advanced regulation and extensive data treatment.

Low cost and high quality

  • Instead of a fermentor flask with a stainless steel cover, which is expensive, we use whole glass fermentation vessels with threaded fittings. They have been used for many years in cell culture and are proved to maintain perfect sterility.

  • Instead of a traditional propeller agitator, which requires an expensive motor and magnetic coupling, we have introduced a new vibration mixer. An electromagnet and an inexpensive membrane which can perfectly assure sterility and produce an efficient mixing without formation of a vortex (no baffles are needed). At the same time this type of mixing is more gentle on cells and produces less foam.

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