Laboratory Fermentor Lambda Minifor

The Minifor was developed as a result of the need to construct a small laboratory fermenter for volumes from 0.035 to 6 l. Easy to use and with the capacity to measure and control all the important parameters of the biological culture. Minimum space on the bench but with a good access to all parts. Several fermenters are suitable for the optimisation of the parameters of growth of culture or optimisation of biotransformations etc. Each fermenter should be able to work independently or be connected to a PC for advanced regulation and extensive data treatment.

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Fraction Collector

Fraction Collector / Sampler - LAMBDA OMNICOLL with LAMBDA peristaltic pump

Experience new concept of fraction collector and collect fractions in any racks of your choice and unlimited number of fractions in single or multiple fractions.

OMNICOLL is the only fraction collector which can be programmed for any rack or recipients. All electronic and mechanical components have been miniaturised and placed in one moving part, which is placed above the fractions in order to avoid the danger of spilling. It is equiped with modern microprocessor system with several optical senzores used for collection of fractions according to time or volume. Solid metal construction makes OMNICOLL insensitive to solvents. Extremely easy programming of rack and tube positron. The capacity can be increased many times by coupling of several lower parts of OMNICOLL.

For further information about this product go to OMNICOLL product webpage.

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Pump flow INTEGRATOR - software output

Connected to the LAMBDA Peristaltic Pump and other LAMBDA instruments, the integrator will allow you to record how much liquid has been pumped as a function of time. It informs how much of the solution (acid or base for example) has been added to maintain a constant pH. This additional data will inform you about the kinetics of the process, its completion or even disturbances that have occured during the process. Obtaining of this information was not available until now.

For further information about this product go to product website.

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Mass Flow Controller

Electronic Mass Flow Controller - principle

A new mass flow controller system especially designed for use with Lamda bioreactors and fermentors. It allows control of the pH of a cell culture by controlled addition of gaseous CO2, the control of dissolved oxygen by regulation of the airflow or any other gas with a suitable controller. It can also be used independently, since all its functions are controlled from the front panel or using the remote control.

For futher information about this product see product website.

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Peristaltic Pump

LAMBDA peristaltic pump MULTIFLOW

Result of twenty years of laboratory experience, which leads to the systematic elimination of the imperfections found in other peristaltic pumps on the market. Precise, reliable and most compact peristaltic pump in its class. Well-proved mechanics of this pump includes flow rate programming and allows user up to 99 steps of time, which allows the creation of any flow rate profile. The bearing of a larger diameter with glass beads has been used in order to reduce pulsation, friction and mechanical strain leading to better pump performance.

Outstanding features

  • 3 large rollers consisting of high-performance corrosion-resistant plastic ball bearings with glass beads
  • Asymmetrical pump head design increases the effective pump head diameter
  • Spring-loaded off-center levers move the rollers gradually and softly, thus increasing tubing life and reducing pulsations

For further information about this product go to peristaltic pump product webpage.

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Powder Doser

LAMBDA Powder Doser (glass vessel approx. 0,2 l)

The LAMBDA DOSER is a unique programmable pump for free-flowing solid substances. It allows the automatic or continuous addition of powders, powdery and crystalline substances without a spoon. Composed of a dosing unit coupled to a stepping motor controlled by modern electronics, allows constant and reproducible dosing even of solids which do not flow well. A remote controller allows the doser to be used in automatically controlled reactions.

For further information about this product go to POWDER DOSER product webpage.

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Lambda Minifor - PC control

Fermentation Software

FNet is a software for monitoring fermentation and cell culture processes with the LAMBDA MINIFOR laboratory fermenter. Runs under Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

All the information (actual values, set points, graphs, alarms) of the fermenter is presented in the main window :

  • Actual values like temperature, pH, pO2, air flow rate, amount of base and acid, and an additional parameter X which could be for example the culture weight for continuous processes, optical density or an online biomass concentration measurement.
  • Set point values like temperature, pH, pO2, air flow rate, agitation, another parameter X and one feed with a peristaltic pump
  • Scalable graphs: The user can choose the fermenter parameters he wants to display in function of time
  • Ruler to read values on the graphs

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Syringe Pump

Lambda VIT-FIT syringe pump

Infusion pump, filling pump with excellent price-performance ratio. This syringe pump using new VIT-FIT fixing system allows almost any syringe to be used from micro syringes to large volume syringes without the need of an adapter. The syringe is being held in both directions – infusion and filling – and it is handled very easily. There is a new technology Swiss made motor implemented in the pump to ensure high torque and more then ten times longer lifetime. Also new Swiss made linear bead bearings have been introduced for transformation of the rotation into a linear movement required for pushing the syringe plunger. The casing and main body are made of metal with partial PTFE protection.

For further information about this product go to VIT-FIT product webpage.

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