Flow INTEGRATOR reveals valuable culture information Optimized bioreactor vessel design

Extremely compact bioreactor system

  • Covers the whole laboratory-scale culture volume range from 35 ml to 6 liters
  • Extremely compact than any bioreactor system on the market
  • Smallest bioreactor foot print - comparable to the size of a sheet of paper (A4)
  • Minimized instrument dimensions - number of times smaller than the existing traditional systems
  • Weighs only 7.5 kg - no other bioreactor system could be lifted by a child
  • Despite of its compact size, the bioreactor allows a perfect access from all sides!

The construction of very compact instruments is a time consuming and expensive task, which no one will make just for fun.

The main reason for reducing the instrument's dimension is because laboratory bench space is one among the most expensive surfaces known. It counts much in terms of productivity, if it is possible to place just one bioreactor or four of them on the same laboratory bench surface...

Therefore, LAMBDA made a major effort to construct the most compact reactor available which despite of its compactness allows excellent access to the fermentation vessel from all sides. (see also Optimized vessel design or additional information on the culture vessels, which very much contribute to this enhanced accessibility.)

Instead of piling up equipment into towers (control unit) aside the reaction vessel (which is commonly done in other existing bioreactor systems), the key idea was to have all components just below the fermentation vessel. In this way, both, the bioreactor’s foot print and its dimensions are highly reduced. The sealed, water tight control unit also serves as a stable holder for vessels of all volumes.

Additionally, many cables, connections, tubing as well as the heating source disappear inside the control unit. This makes the bioreactor vessel environment much less complex and the work with the LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactor/fermenter much more convenient.

It spares also a lot of work doing all the connections for each experiment (setup and dismantling time).

Have you ever seen a picture of a completely connected bioreactor on leaflets of any bioreactor producer? You could guess why not…

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Flow INTEGRATOR reveals valuable culture information Optimized bioreactor vessel design

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