Automatic recognition of the culture volume New low dead volume cell retention disc

World smallest antifoam control system

To spare the space around bioreactor vessels, LAMBDA has developed the smallest anti-foam control system consisting of a miniature foam detector ANTIFO and a subminiature syringe pump DOZITO.

The LAMBDA MINIFOR laboratory bioreactor-fermenter can be equipped with a novel foam detector and control system. The presence of foam in the reactor vessel is detected by measurement of the electrical conductivity. Foaming causes an increase of electrical conductivity. The electrical conductivity can be measured without any expensive anti-foam probe. Instead of such an antifoam probe two needles of the quadruple port of the LAMBDA MINIFOR fermenter vessel are used as electrodes. As a consequence, no additional port has to be used for anti-foam detection.

The antifoam detector/controller ANTIFO is placed just under the peristaltic pump so that it uses only minimal space behind the fermentation vessel. It sends the impulsion to the new subminiature syringe pump DOZITO, which adds a small amount of antifoam liquid into the vessel. If the foam signal persists, a new portion of antifoam is added after twenty seconds. Particular care is taken to prevent an overdosing of the antifoam agent. ANTIFO works either with the DOZITO miniature syringe pump or the LAMBDA peristaltic pumps.

The DOZITO syringe pump is many times smaller than any other laboratory pump on the market. It is hardly larger than the syringe itself. A completely new motion principle is used in the DOZITO syringe pump (no motors, no electromagnets, no compressed gas and the like). The setup and use of the DOZITO syringe pump is very easy.

LAMBDA supplies this mini-pump for controlled addition of antifoam during fermentation in the MINIFOR laboratory fermentor/bioreactor system. The dispensing of the antifoam liquid can be set up from one drop to 15 drops in one step. The pump is vertically fixed using a magnetic support so that it takes only about 10 cm2 foot print. It is very important to spare space around the fermentor vessel.

The DOZITO can also be used for the dosing of small repetitive amounts of other liquids (e.g. oils, adhesives, cements, glues etc.) in laboratory or industry applications. Since no compressed air is used, the volumetric control is much easier.

LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor antifoam detection and addition ANTIFO + DOZITO

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Automatic recognition of the culture volume New low dead volume cell retention disc

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