Novel non rotational mixing Precise electronic gas flow control

Unique easy sterility construction

  • Elimination of critical points makes the keeping of bioreactor sterility easy. A strong silicone membrane isolates completely the vessel from the outer environment. The sterility is thus equivalent to magnetic coupling, but is considerably less complex and much less expensive.
  • All o-rings have been replaced by large silicone stoppers with multipoint seals. They are permanent and need not be replaced frequently as is the case with o-rings, which become flat after sterilization.

LAMBDA Minifor bioreactor / fermentor - easy sterility concept overview

Sterility is the most important quality of bioreactors. Sterility must be easy to obtain and also easy to keep for long time. In continuous processes the culture must be sterile for many weeks. Otherwise the resulting loss of time and money may be very high and even higher than the cost of the bioreactor system itself.

Easy Sterility Concept - Laboratory Fermentor-Bioreactor LAMBDA MINIFOR

Much time was invested to find out the optimal solutions to warranty a perfect and easy sterility from run to run.

The primary goal was to obtain a complete physical closure (sealing) of the vessel. This was achieved with one large central elastic membrane and a new stirring system (see Novel non-rotational mixing).

The vessel was constructed with several side necks. To make sure that no contamination is possible through these, permanent stoppers with multiple seals were introduced. Like this, the well known sterility problems with flattened o-rings have been eliminated and there is no need to replace seals from run to run.

All tubing connections to ports and bottles are made through special LAMBDA double-seal tubing connectors.

The manipulation of the different ports is as simple as the closing of a bottle with a cap! This provides an additional important advantage: No other bioreactor-fermentor vessel can be set up in such a short time as the LAMBDA MINIFOR.

Since the vast majority of contaminations come from mechanical axis seals and o-rings, the elimination of both in the LAMBDA MINIFOR consequently leads to easy sterility and contamination free runs.

What MINIFOR ‘Easy Sterility concept’ mean?

Easy sterilization

Safe & quick

  • Autoclaving (standard SOP)
  • No hot steam-lines for SIP

Easy to keep it sterile

Multipoint seals stoppers for ports & strong, elastic sterility membrane  for stirrer

Easy inoculation


Easy feed & harvest

Reliable LAMBDA peristaltic pumps

  • Maintains a sterile fluid pathway
  • Gentle to tubing
  • Programmable

@ e.coli in MINIFOR: your feed profile is ready!

Easy cleaning

Short downtime & high productivity

    • Ergonomic  handling
    • Light construction
    • Reusable sealing
    • Perfect visibility
    • Easy access

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Novel non rotational mixing Precise electronic gas flow control

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