Mass Flow Controller

A new mass flow controller system especially designed for use with Lamda bioreactors and fermentors. It allows control of the pH of a cell culture by controlled addition of gaseous CO2, the control of dissolved oxygen by regulation of the airflow or any other gas with a suitable controller. It can also be used independently, since all its functions are controlled from the front panel or using the remote control.

For futher information about this product see product website.

Product details


  • Up to 50 pairs of flow rates and times can bee programmed.
  • High quality laminar sensor tubes
  • Mass flow cell has a very low pressure drop
  • Repeatability better than +/- 0.5 % per reading
  • Specially developed proportional needle vallve used
  • Precise of the flow rate reading
  • Reasonable price

Product usage

  • Control of the pH of a cell culture
  • Control of dissolved oxygen
  • Generating of impulsions
    • Measured as a voltage
    • Recorded on a recorder
    • Recorded using Fnet software
  • Regulation of impulses (INTEGRATOR)
  • Application with

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