• "Money making" is not the primary goal of LAMBDA! 
    In fact, in its original sense - money printing is a criminal act. Therefore, EBIT, RONOA and other economical terms are not dogmas for us.

  • LAMBDA tries to put all resources, experience and knowledge to invent, develop, produce and distribute advanced innovative products, which will help our clients to do their work better, easier and more efficient. While retaining high quality our products should have the lowest possible price.

  • LAMBDA encourages creativity in all directions.
    Creativity is an important means how to get new ideas, increase efficiency and solve problems. The creative action is personally so satisfactory because in it we imitate our Creator.

  • LAMBDA stimulates personal freedom, freedom of ideas, action, decision and responsibility. Without freedom there is no creativity and also no love.

  • LAMBDA limits maximally all bureaucracy, because it is the major enemy of creativity and freedom.

  • LAMBDA fights against the fear of making mistakes, because it leads to inactivity and inhibits creativity.

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