Automatic gas mixing module for laboratory bioreactors fermenters MINI-4-GASBuild up your own high quality gas station!

  • Free selection of gases
  • Individual flow rates per gas
  • Pressure independent flow rate measurement
  • Stand-alone & programmable or remote control by industrial fermentation software SIAM

Which gas do your cells need?

CO2, O2, N2, Air

pO2 control & O2 enrichment

pH control by CO2

Constant gas flow

MINI-4-GAS is as easy to put together as puzzle pieces

High quality and cost effective setup

Each MASSFLOW will control one gas in your gas-mixture

MINI-4-GAS is modular

According to your project, you can choose:

- upto 4 gases of your choice

- in 2 different ranges upto 500 or 5000 ml/min


  • Specially developed for the precise flow measurement and control of gases
  • Uses a high quality laminar mass flow sensor with a very low pressure drop
  • Flow rate is regulated by a special proprietary proportional needle valve controlled by a microprocessor
  • Flow rate is programmable (Up to 50 pairs of flow rates and times)
  • Transferred gas volume can be totalized with the INTEGRATOR

MINI-4-GAS AUTOMATIC GAS-MIX (pdf for download)

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