REDOX potential measurement system Self-cleaning micro-sparger

Medium cooling without cooling water

LAMBDA Peltier electronic cooling loop for MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor

Cooling with this device is based on the electronic cooling effect produced by the flow of electric current through a Peltier cell. The Peltier cell allows cooling of the medium without the necessity of other means such as a refrigerating compressor or cooling water baths. LAMBDA has selected a cooling loop working according to the "heat pipe" principle, which has an advantage of having up to 80 times higher heat conduction compared to copper (!) and can be used with various levels of medium. It works even when the loop is not entirely submerged in the medium.

The LAMBDA Peltier cooling system is extremely compact and advantageous when cultures should be run at temperatures close to room temperature or a few degrees below room temperature. Lower temperatures can be achieved by isolation of the vessel with convenient isolating material. The LAMBDA Peltier cooling loop eliminates the need of refrigerated circulating baths, which are expensive and take a lot of valuable bench surface.

Combined with the infrared-heating system of the MINIFOR bioreactor unit it offers very precise temperature control of the cell culture.

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REDOX potential measurement system Self-cleaning micro-sparger

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