New softest agitation – the “Fish-Tail” World smallest antifoam control system

Automatic recognition of the culture volume

  • A very compact control system, which will allow good measurement and control of all important parameters by the same unit, is preferable for the user. Living organisms are extremely complex and it is desirable to measure and control as many parameters as possible. This will help to identify problems when they possibly arise.
  • Therefore, we decided to measure and control the five most important parameters: temperature, pH, pO2, air flow rate and stirring. In addition, we wanted to provide the option of controlling one supplementary parameter such as weight, glucose concentration, conductivity, redox potential, optical density (OD) and the like. For this reason, one selectable and controllable parameter "X" has been included. All readings can be seen at a glance without the necessity of scrolling or selecting menus.
  • The quality of regulation especially in PID controllers depends on the right setting of constants. From experience we know, that only few users know how to set these parameters properly. LAMBDA therefore leaves this task to the microprocessor which monitors what is going on in the current process and sets the right constants continuously. The working volume is recognized from the heating response on medium temperature and the most appropriate parameter setting is made automatically.

More about automatic culture volume recognition

It is impossible to set the right regulation (PID) constants for all medium volumes. The LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactor-fermentor system has the broadest volume range of any laboratory bioreactor - starting from as little as 35 ml to over 6 liters of working volume. For this reason, LAMBDA has greatly simplified the setting of the controller parameters by automatic volume recognition. Thanks to our new and very efficient radiation heating, where heat losses are in the range of only few percents, it is possible to calculate the medium volume from the temperature increase corresponding to the amount of heat supplied.

The microprocessor then makes the optimal controller settings automatically. Therefore, a high precision of control can be achieved in culture volumes varying by more than 100 times! Nevertheless, the user has also the possibility to make the volume setting manually.

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New softest agitation – the “Fish-Tail” World smallest antifoam control system

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