Revolutionary radiation heating Elimination of expensive head plates

Easy weight control for continuous cultures

  • The amount of medium in the MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor can be kept constant by using a special weighing module placed under the front edge of the instrument. The harvesting pump will automatically keep the weight of the culture constant.
  • Continuous cultures (chemostat) allow a considerable increase in productivity. In an equilibrated dilution state, culture parameters can be studied more efficiently than in a batch.

The capability to run weight-controlled continuous processes is an important quality of advanced bioreactor-fermentor systems. Continuous processes allow to optimize experiments faster and at lower cost than batch cultures. Also, the productivity of continuous culture is many times higher.

If larger amounts of biomass should be occasionally produced, then for example with a 3 liter vessel, in a continuous run, a productivity of a 30 liter batch system or even more can be attained!

Therefore, all LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactors and fermenters are electronically prepared for the reception of a low cost scale module, which allows running high quality continuous culture with constant culture weight. This is not achieved by the frequently proposed cheap solutions of using overflow tubes, draft tubes and the like. In not weight controlled vessels the effective amount of culture can vary considerably when agitation or aeration is changed. In such cases, no quantitative conclusions can be made.

Reproducibility is thus also not possible and such runs will not be GLP or GMP conform.

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Revolutionary radiation heating Elimination of expensive head plates

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