Innovation in application

A major effort has been invested in making applications of this bioreactor more efficient.

This goal has been achieved in several steps

Firstly, a replacement of the traditional rotation movement by an oscillating up and down movement of stirring discs driven by an electromagnet yields several important advantages. A soft, whole volume movement of the medium results in optimal gas distribution throughout the medium and is also advantageous for cell growth. No vortex is formed and the elimination of baffles simplifies the construction of the bioreactor. A single silicone membrane efficiently replaces traditional seals and assures perfect sterility. In the case of extremely sensitive cells gas distribution tubing can be wound on aspiral fixed to the axis. The up and down movement facilitates the gas transfer and simultaneously provides a gentle movement of the medium.

Secondly, a new heat radiation system has also been introduced. A heating spiral in a gilded parabolic reflector has been placed under the bottom of the vessel. The IR rays efficiently heat up the culture without overheating it at any volume of medium. Several innovations allow the construction of high quality bioreactors at lower cost.

Application with

  • Preciflow - Maxiflow - controlled delivery of acid, base, medium feeding, harvesting of cells
  • Massflow - measurement and control of gazes (air, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and others
  • Scale module - running of continuous cultures, chemostats
  • Foam detector and control - detection of foam formation
  • DOZITO - miniature syringe pump for addition of antifoam in connection of foam detector
  • Peltier out gas condenser - chills the out gas to constant +5°C to prevent evaporatio


  • A support of biologically active environment
  • Growing of cells under controlled conditions
  • Batch fermentation / bioreaction
  • Fed-Batch fermentation / bioreaction
  • Continuous fermentation / bioreaction
  • Perfusion run
  • Microbial fermentation
  • Fungal bioreaction
  • Cell bioreaction
  • Mammalian cell tests
  • Plant cell tests
  • Cell screening
  • Strain selection
  • Cell amplification
  • Cell line preparation
  • Preparation of inoculum for pilot and production scale
  • Biosynthesis
  • Biotransformation
  • Biocatalyses
  • Enzymatic transformation
  • Optimization of growth / production parameters
  • Medium optimization
  • Process optimization
  • Cell immobilization tests
  • Fungizide screening
  • Antibiotica screening
  • Down scaling
  • Up scaling

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