2 Introduction

2.1 MINIFOR Design concept

LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor, designed for bench-top surfaces in laboratories is suitable for volumes from as low as 35 ml to 6.5 l.

LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor - bioreactor has been designed such that several of these can be placed side by side and are well suited for the optimization of bio-transformations and growth parameters of the culture. LAMBDA MINIFOR takes up the minimum amount of space on the laboratory benches and allows having good access to all parts of the unit.

MINIFOR can be used either to work independently or it can be connected directly with a PC to control it remotely and for extensive data treatment, regulation and storage.

Several innovations and new ideas have been introduced.

• For many years, the whole glass vessels have been used in cell cultures and proven to maintain perfect sterility, we have used this idea in our fermentor / bioreactor.

• The agitation system is based on up-and-down movement. The agitator system has a motor with a membrane ensuring sterility and efficient mixing without forming a vortex (thus no baffles are needed). The bio-mimicking 'fish-tail' stirring discs offer maximum efficiency without cutting edges; they mix the cells gently and produce less foam.

• The culture is heated by 'sun-like' radiation with a gold reflector and a parabolic radiator under the vessel to maintain the temperature precisely

• Compact unit, without a casing tower, it is possible to measure and control six parameters with the use of its modern microprocessor stored at the front of the instrument.

2.1.1 MINIFOR Advanced and Start-up Kit

LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor system includes the Advanced and Start-up kit.


Lambda Minifor Advanced Kit Start-up Kit
Reactor scale Laboratory bench-top fermentor and bioreactor
Reactor design Stirred Tank
Operation mode batch, fed-batch*, continuous*, (perfusion*)
Parameter control stirrer speed, temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, airflow, free parameter, level control for continuous mode.
* Optional Parameter control * weight control for continuous mode, antifoam, REDOX, LUMO (light)
Microprocessor With internal software, display and keypad yes yes
Agitation Automatic stirrer controller 0, 0.1, 0.2, …., 19.9, 20 Hz min. 0 Hz ( = 0 rpm) max. 20 Hz ( = 1200 rpm) yes yes
Measurement whole range 0 - 20 Hz yes yes
Temperature Automatic temperature control from 5 °C over RT to 70 °C yes yes
Measurement with Pt100 from 0 to 99.9 °C in 0.1 °C steps yes yes
IR (infrared) heater yes yes
Cooling loop yes yes
pH Automatic pH controller 0 - 13 yes yes
Measurement with pH probe 0 -13 yes yes
Acid pump (PRECIFLOW) yes optional
Base pump (PRECIFLOW) yes optional
Holders and rods for the pumps yes optional
Storage vessels and lines for acid and for base yes optional
DO (pO2)
>Automatic DO controller (proportional) 0 - 25 mg Oxygen/L (in 0.1 mg steps) yes yes
Measurement with DO probe 0 - 25 mg Oxygen/L (in 0.1 mg steps) yes optional
Airflow Automatic aeration controller (proportional) 0 - 5 L/min in 0.01 L/min steps yes yes
Measurement with internal Massflow 0 - 5 L/min in 0.01 L/min steps yes yes
Free Parameter Automatic controller, socket, display yes yes
AlertsFor high and low values of each parameter yes yes
Overpressure valve yes yes
Sampling device yes optional
Cooling device for outlet gas yes yes
PC-software (FNet, SIAM), Laptop optional optional
Feed and harvest pump: PRECIFLOW / MULTIFLOW / HiFLOW / MAXIFLOW / VIT-FIT / VIT-FIT HP, pump INTEGRATORS optional optional
WEIGHING MODULE for continuous mode optional optional
automatic Antifoam-system (ANTIFO & DOZITO) optional optional
O2-enrichment / 4-gas-mix: controller and massflows MASSFLOW 500 /MASSFLOW 5000 optional optional
Air compressor AEROSILENTO optional optional
REDOX probe, controller, pump / massflow optional optional
PELTIER COOLER for medium / off-gas optional optional
LUMO light and controller for PBR optional optional
Operation manual and video yes yes
Warranty 2 years

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