Autonomous precise gas flow control modules Flow INTEGRATOR reveals valuable culture information

Two PC fermentation software packages at the cost of one

Apart from the direct control of the parameter on the display, a process control system (PCS) for fully automatic control of the batch and data storage is available:
FNet, an easy to use fermentation software for common cultures and up to 6 MINIFOR bioreactors is supplied in one package together with SIAM, a top notch industrial instrument control software which can make almost everything and is unlimited in the number of instruments being controlled. It is upon to user which one he prefers to use. No additional licenses for additional bioreactors are required!

SIAM - Industrial and laboratory software with unlimited possibilities

SIAM is a high quality industrial and laboratory software for professionals with almost unlimited possibilities for up to 99 fermentors and extended functions. It is user friendly and economic (low price and reduced learn phase). Developed specially for research laboratories, but it is also a tool for pilot plants and small production units. The user can build their own application within a few minutes.

Well Sophisticated Software:

 SIAM Industrial fermentation software for LAMBDA MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor

  • Possibility to create a specific visual interface quickly and easily.
  • Easy device (balances, controllers, etc...) connection and configuration.
  • Real time display of parameters (like temperature, pH, etc...) evolution.
  • The parameter values (analogue inputs for example) can be visualized and compared using graphs with respect to time.
  • The user can choose the aspect for graph visualization:
    • The parameters to be displayed, the colour of the curve, the visualisation scale interval.
    • Up to 8 curves can be visualised on the same graph.
    • A zoom function is also available to reduce or to enhance the graph size. The user can read a particular value on the graph using the ruler.
    • Up to 4 ‘y’ axis can be visualized.
    • The channel values for the curves are stored permanently.
  • Alert and Report Window
    • The report window allows creating a report about the automated process: alarms triggering, user intervening and remarks. The report content can be saved in a file and opened with a word processing software. With this window it is possible to trace the experiment (balance reset, controller or profile start-stop, etc...).
  • Possibility to connect a large type of devices using a single software.
  • Possibility to realize complex control strategies.
  • Very good price / performance ratio.
  • Exists in English, French, German

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Autonomous precise gas flow control modules Flow INTEGRATOR reveals valuable culture information

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